Rent To Own


At Commonwealth Properties, our goal is to ensure satisfaction through excellent service. The information provided below are a few of our policies and procedures.

Rent To own

We offer an option to buy with the majority of our homes. This option holds the purchase price for one year and gives a credit of 20% of the rent paid during the first year towards the purchase. If you decide to take advantage of the option to buy the home, you will have up to one year to secure financing. If you decide not to buy within the first year, the option will expire, but you may continue to rent the home. You may purchase the home at a later date, but the purchase price is subject to change, and the 20% of rent saved is surrendered as rent.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed at most single-family homes, provided they do not disturb the neighbors or cause damage to the property. Approved Pets require one additional, refundable deposit equal to one month's rent. Dogs are not allowed in our apartment buildings. Certain breeds and types of dogs are prohibited by our insurance policy. The following dogs are not permitted: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Chow, Presa Canario, any wolf hybrid, and any dog trained, bred or used as an attack, guard, or fighting dog.


A select few of our homes and apartments are supplied with kitchen appliances. Tenants may use the appliances, but the tenant accepts them in "as is" condition. Tenants shall provide needed appliances. If a prospective tenant views one of our occupied rentals, they are encouraged to ask the current tenant if the appliances belong to them or not. Homes or apartments with Dishwashers will be serviced by landlord, should they fail to operate properly.

Service Requests

We take great pride in maintaining our properties and making sure you’re comfortable in your home. We appreciate knowing about maintenance issues with your rental in a timely manner so we can attend to them. Emergency requests like" Water heaters, Furnaces, and water leaks are handled immediately. It’s best for you to report these by phone by calling 330-666-7773. Other requests can be scheduled by using our online service request form.

You can either call us or use the online Service Request form.